Philosophy Professor’s Paper Accepted for Publication

A paper by Scott Senn, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming 2013 volume of the Journal of the International Plato Society. Its title is “Ignorance or Irony in Plato’s Socrates?: A Look Beyond Avowals and Disavowals of Knowledge”. It was presented last summer at a meeting of the Central New York Humanities Ancient Philosophy Working Group. The paper is a companion piece to Dr. Senn’s 2012 publication titled “Socratic Philosophy, Rationalism, and ‘Obedience’: Decision Making without Divine Intervention”. The papers depart dramatically from recent scholarship, arguing that Plato depicts Socrates not as one who doesn’t know the answers to perennial quesitons about what is a good life and what it is to be a just and good human being, but rather as one who is confident in his ability to give substantive answers to such questions.

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