Chris Bjornsen’s research with Longwood students and international colleagues

Chris Bjornsen’s two programs of research (social media use, overdiagnosis of psychological disorders) have recently led to presentations that will be given at 1 national and 2 international conferences:

Bjornsen, C., Poredoš, M., Puklek Levpušček, M., Zupančič, M., & Kavčič, T. (2017, September). Positive and Negative Social Media Use and Personality Traits Across Cultures. Poster presented at the 18th European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Utrecht, The Netherlands. (Peer reviewed and accepted.)

Bjornsen, C., Simpkins, K., Sparrock, L., & Verstraete, L. (2017, July). There’s Someone in My Head But It’s Not Me: Attitudes Regarding Different Approaches to Psychological Disorders. Poster presented at the 15th European Congress of Psychology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Peer reviewed and accepted.)

Bjornsen, C., Simpkins, K., Burgess, S., Dunbar, H., Vanhook-Davis, T., & Hackett, B. (2017, May). Friend or Faux? Personality Traits and Types of Social Media Use. In C. Bjornsen (Chair), The Times They Are a-Changin’ Us: Living and Learning in the Age of Social Media. Symposium conducted at the 29th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Society, Boston, MA. (Peer reviewed and accepted.)

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