Being in the honors college allows me to participate the honors courses offered at Longwood University. You can read more about what I enjoy in terms of atmosphere in these courses in my community tab. However, there is also another aspect of these courses that I love very much. This is the quality of the education given in these courses. The work you are required to complete is more detailed and more thorough than the work in standard courses at Longwood. However, this does not mean that the education received in standard courses is bad, but that the honors courses are even better. There are currently four different honors courses I have completed and I have enjoyed each and every one. You can see my description of these courses in my honors courses tab. I am certain that my education is already better than what it would have been without the honors college even though it has only been one year. I feel very thankful that I have the opportunity to gain this great education from the honors college and I hope to use it to my advantage in the future. My plan is to go to graduate school following Longwood and I know that participating in the honors college will make my chances of being accepted even greater.