I have enjoyed being a member of the honors college community very much. Everyone is extremely friendly, welcoming, and supportive. My favorite element of the honors college is the privilege members have of being able to participate in the honors courses offered at Longwood University. These courses include all kinds of curricula from all the different schools across Longwood. The reason I enjoy these honors courses so much is because of the atmosphere in the classes where there are less students and all of the students participating are almost guaranteed to care a great deal for their education and their performance in the class. This is why these classes seem much more professional and serious, which is why I enjoy them so much.

Even though I am a commuter and do not actually live in Wheeler Hall, with the other honors freshman, I have found Wheeler Hall to be a very welcoming environment where you are able to participate in both social and academic activities with other honors students. An example of these are the meetings of the Honors Student Association, which is a club of the honors community consisting of active honors students. These meetings take place in Wheeler Hall and are both very fun and helpful in organizing events for our club.

A very fun event that is organized every semester by the Honors Student Association is the Honors Service Retreat at Hull Springs Farm. You can read more about this event in my service tab. This is just one of the many different activities we do as a club that makes us to feel more like a friendly family. I have enjoyed these many different elements of the honors college community very much and I am thankful to be a member.