Hello, my name is Brandon Walters. I am currently a rising senior at Longwood University with a double major in mathematics and computer science, and I am a member of the Cormier Honors College. My current plans following graduation from Longwood include attending graduate school at William and Mary University. I would like to earn a Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science with specialization in Computational Operations Research and then pursue a career in this field. Even though it is a computer science graduate degree, it is a very mathematically intensive specialization. This would be an ideal career path for me because it would utilize both my mathematics and computer science skills. I am a very motivated person who will always do what is required of me.

I have always greatly enjoyed the subject of mathematics and seen it as an endless assortment of puzzles. Ever since I was a child I have spent countless hours working on puzzles without even realizing that more than a few minutes had passed. This is why mathematics has been a very natural subject for me that I have always excelled in. When I participated in my first true computer science course, in the spring of my second year at Longwood, I realized how computer science can in some ways be an extension of mathematics. This is why I enjoyed the course very much and then decided to add computer science as a second major. I believe that these two majors have prepared me to be very successful in life and I am grateful that I realized their potential when I did.

I am from Powhatan, Virginia, which is a small county to the west of Richmond City. This is why I have liked the atmosphere of Longwood University, because it has a small town feel similar to where I grew up. I feel like this would also be the general feeling of William and Mary University and this is another reason that I am interested in attending. I am very close with my family and with a small group of friends. My future appears to be very bright and I am very excited to move into the next phase of my life.