CTZN 110- HONS: Social Entrepreneurship and the Global Citizen

This course was focused on the basics of being a global citizen and on the possibilities of what a business can achieve if it works for the good of the community. There were many aspects of this class that I enjoyed very much. For example, we learned a great deal about what a person can do to be actively involved in their community and to think of unique solutions for issues their society is facing. Also, the topic of businesses potentially contributing to solutions for world problems such as the fight against cancer. An example of this would be the nonprofit business of the American Cancer Society. Both of these topics greatly interested me because I have always been concerned with the state of my community and would want to do anything I can to help if it is facing trouble. I also enjoyed that this class was very group oriented. A large portion of the class was spent working on a group project that was split into several projects. Working in groups has been something I have never greatly enjoyed, however being able to spend as much time working with my group as we did allowed me to become much more comfortable in group settings since this class.

This is a picture of the poster that my group presented at the 2019 Fall Showcase for our final project of the course. The grade for this project took the place of our final exam grade so it was an important assignment for my group and I. Our project consisted of us creating a business model that would both benefit the community and help to overcome a problem that many everyday people face frequently. To achieve this, we created a plan that was made up of a nonprofit mobile healthcare business. We would have busses that would each be outfitted with standard medical care supplies and be stationed in low population and rural areas where hospitals are less common. Our busses would initially be equipped to help people with more basic medical needs and serve as more of a transportation service to hospitals for more urgent needs, however we would not require payment as ambulances do.  This would help both people who struggle to reach hospitals and people who lack the funds to purchase health insurance.