MATH 171- Statistical Decision Making

I completed this course by taking the equivalent of it at John Tyler Community College, during the Summer of 2020, and then having the credits transferred to Longwood University. Prior to this course I had never taken a class that was primarily focused on statistics and probability. Therefore, I learned much more about these concepts that I had only briefly touched on during my past math courses. I now have a much better understanding of the different methods that can be used to allow data and statistics to aid you in solving a problem. Another important concept that I learned about was the appropriate statistical methods to use based on the types, quality, and quantity of the data.

This artifact is a PowerPoint from a group project that I completed during this course that statistically analyzed a medical journal’s claim, to prove its accuracy, of a difference in birthweight for babies based on whether or not their mother had a specific disease. When my group completed this assignment, I primarily worked with analyzing the data and running the tests to make conclusions. Also, I created most of the different plots and graphs that were required to be submitted separately from this PowerPoint. We presented our findings to the class to show our understanding of the concepts that were required to make the different conclusions. Our final conclusion was that there was insufficient statistical evidence to support the journal’s claim.

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