MATH 300- HONS: Proofs and Number Theory

When I first started this course it was not set to be an honors level course, however during the first week I received an email asking me if I would like to take it as an honors course. I was somewhat hesitant because I was nervous to take a 300 level course as an honors. But I am very happy that I decided to take it with honors because it caused me to gain a much better understanding of the different topics that we covered in class. Learning these topics has helped me to become more comfortable with using proofs to explain math ideas, that I have been learning since I was very young, using number theory. Being able to do this has made me gain a better mental knowledge of how different math concepts work and the ways that each part of concepts contribute.

This artifact is project we completed where we had to type formal proofs or solutions for several different statements, theorems, and exercises. While we had to be able to determine proper proofs, we also had type them into a program called “Latex” which is a common program used by math scholars when writing proofs. Knowing how to use a program such as “Latex” will be a very valuable skill in the future when I am tasked with writing my own formal conclusions to statements. Determining the appropriate response for each statement allowed me to think much more deeply about my responses and the true meanings of what I was saying. Writing these proofs was a very enjoyable challenge that I was extremely motivated to achieve.

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