Letter to Senior Self

Hello Senior self!

I am very proud of the many things you have achieved during your time at Longwood University. However, I am not the slightest bit surprised, because I always knew you were capable of such great things. I hope that you are still planning to continue our goal of going into graduate school and progressing our education. This will allow us to go even further in life and achieve even more great accomplishments. These years you have just completed at Longwood were difficult, but I assure you that they are certainly worth it. Through our first year of college, we have done very well, but college is much longer than one year and this is why you have had to work so hard for the last several years. Our major of mathematics is not an easy area to excel in, but you certainly did it. Whatever concentration you have chosen in our major I am excited to see it. I know that you will be able to excel no matter what you apply yourself to.

I hope that you stayed involved in the clubs and activities we are involved in now and I hope that you continued to try new things and become involved. One of the most enjoyable things I have done this year has been participating in the Honors Student Association, the Longwood Math Club, and joining the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society. You should try to always stay involved in similar organizations to stay connected with the community. Make sure you use the work you’ve already done in these programs to our advantage and make it obvious to both schools and potential career fields. It is always good to be a very active and respectable citizen who does their part in society.

I am very eager to know the specifics of what you did while in school and I know that you will not disappoint. I want to thank you for all the times when you felt overwhelmed and pressured to give up, but kept pushing and achieved our goal. This is why I know we can achieve great things in life. See you in a few years!

Sincerely, freshman Brandon Walters