MATH 301- Applied Statistics

This course helped me to further learn about how to analyze and interpret statistical data in a way that the average person, without a background in mathematics, could understand. The main focus involved determining the different sources and amount of variance within data sets and then figuring out what the variance meant. I now understand the meanings of different characteristics of data sets and ways to explain these meanings in more simple ways. Also, I am much more confident in the mathematical area of statistics that I can use in other areas to help me in different ways. 

This artifact is a report that I completed with my group, including myself and two others, that was focused on a data set of male weights based on quantitative physical characteristics. We had to describe to the data set and give a summary of the initial impressions that the data suggested. Also, there is a section that shows how we determined the least significant variables and removed them to create a more simple problem to solve. There were multiple tests that had to be run that aided in analyzing the data so that we could create final conclusions about the data to determine the accuracy of the hypotheses. 

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