Service is a very important part of the Cormier Honors College and there are many things I have done during my first year in the honors college to give back to the community. The service I am most proud of, and that I feel was the most helpful for others, was when I participated in the┬áHonors Service Retreat at Hull Springs Farm. There are many different honors students who attended and it really helped us to build a solid relationship as an honors college. We left for Hull Springs Farm on Friday, September 7th, and returned on Sunday, September 9th. While there, we participated in many different services for various places. Where my group completed the majority of our service was at a church in Richmond County. Sadly, we were only able to complete the fall service retreat this year because of the coronavirus pandemic that caused Longwood to switch to distanced learning. I am looking forward to next year’s service retreat very much and I hope that it is even more fun and does even more to give back to the community.

Another service I completed was with the math club of Longwood University. I volunteered at the Octoberfest Festival and helped to run our club’s booth. While there, I helped by taking pictures of students with the professor that they were given the chance to put a pie in their face after donating. I have enjoyed the math club very much, because the majority of the members are also math majors and I believe this makes us have somewhat similar personalities, which allows us to get along very well and work well together. Before being forced to cancel because of the coronavirus, we had also planned to volunteer at the relay for life charity event in Farmville, VA. I hope that we are able to take these plans to next year’s event and participate then.

I have enjoyed these many different opportunities to volunteer very much and I plan to do even more in the future when we are not forced to leave the campus because of the coronavirus pandemic. Being in the honors college has only given me more chances to volunteer and made it an even better experience. This is why I am extremely grateful to be a member of the Cormier Honors College.