CHEM 111- Fundamentals of Chemistry I

I completed this course during the summer between my senior year of high school and my freshman year at Longwood University. Which means it was my first class in an official college classroom and it was rather intimidating. However, taking this course gave me a very helpful sample of what college would be like and helped to set me up for success at Longwood. This was a hybrid course, meaning we completed the labs in the classroom and we completed the majority of the notes at home on the computer. I did a very good job of applying the information learned at home to the labs in the classroom. For example, using the different values assigned to each element on the periodic table to know the proper quantity of the element to apply. One element of the course I struggled with at times was making sure to work with my lab partner in the most efficient ways possible. Learning how to do this more effectively helped me to improve my safety in the lab, my relationship with my partner, and my overall ability in the lab.

Because this course was hybrid and all work was either completed online, on Cengage, or in the labs, I no longer have access to the different assignments we completed throughout the course. However, below is a John Tyler Community College Canvas page showing my grades throughout the class. I wish I had an assignment to show, but I have no specific example of work to show.