Longwood University has one of the most welcoming and friendly student bodies I have ever been a part of. My first encounter with the Longwood Community was when I was on a tour during my junior year of high school. While on the tour, Longwood students walking by kept shouting “Come to Longwood!” and “Longwood is the heart of the south!” I felt so welcomed and this was the only University that was welcoming students and encouraging students on tours to attend Longwood University, which had a positive affect on my decision to attend Longwood. As an incoming freshman, I was so nervous for New Lancer Days, but was met with a bright and bubbly Peer Mentor who made me feel excited and welcomed. My Peer Mentor was so kind and I was able to establish a great connection with her. She was an older peer who I could trust and confide in and also ask for guidance. She made an impact on making my transition to college much smoother and influenced my decision to become a Peer Mentor for the Fall 2020 semester. I am looking forward to being that friend and peer for incoming freshman to help offer guidance and hopefully help them with a smooth transition to college. I am excited to hopefully impact these freshman the way my Peer Mentor did.