PHIL 495 (Honors Course)

This artifact is an essay I wrote about the negatvie effects of social media on friendship. In this class, we studied the building blocks of a good relationship or friendship. This class was Love, Sex, and Friendship with Dr. Blincoe.

Reflection: This class examined how to have a successful relationship using philosophy. Throughout this class we studied the different types of love, types of friendship, the aesthetic life, love in the Christian tradition, and objectification. This class required reading numerous passages and pages everyday. I am a slow reader and am continuing to work on it to increase my reading speed. Although the content was difficult at times, I appreciated the opportunity to read difficult material to improve my reading skills. This class was discussion based and I find I thrive in those environments. I absorb the most information in a discussion based class and love having the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on the topic. I also participated in a reading group for extra credit for this class. We read an 800 page novel about Russia and their government. The novel was a difficult read and we were sometimes required to read 100 pages throughout the week. I was glad to have participated in the reading group. I was surprised by the deep and meaningful discussions we were able to have surrounding the novel. This class allowed me to push myself to better my reading skills along with teaching me important life lessons for my future.