HONS 395

This class was Media and Democracy with professor Justin Pope. The artifact below is the final paper I wrote about shield laws in the United States. In this class, we studied how the media, journalism, and our democracy have changed over the course of history.

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Reflection: Throughout this class, we discussed how democracy and the media coincide in our society. We discussed the origins of the media and how press freedom has evolved over time. This course required an extensive amount of readings in order to participate in the class discussions and debates. We debated historical issues as well as current controversial topics. I enjoyed that this class was discussion based and appreciated the opportunity to learn different view points on several topics. This class helped me become more confident with speaking my opinions while staying open minded to hear the opinions of others. Part of the final exam was an oral discussion with the professor. This was my first time having a one-on-one discussion based exam with the professor. I prepared for this exam by rereading my notes and discussing sample questions with other classmates. This exam helped me strengthen skills such as preparing for a formal debate, feeling comfortable discussing opinions with an authority figure, and maintaining flow of conversation. I enjoyed the various topics discussed in this class and feel as though I gained new knowledge and skills.