ART 213

The following artifact is an image from a video of me when I was using the wheel to create a mug. Cups and mugs were two of the first things we learned to make in ceramics class. Learning to make a cup taught us the basic movements and techniques on the wheel that we would use when creating other objects such as bowls. This picture was taken in the spring semester of 2020.


Reflection: This class is an introduction to ceramics. Throughout the class we learned how to use the wheel, how to make mugs, bowls, cups, and how to make sculptures. This class was my first art class and was very different than what I am used to. When using the wheel, we used our hands to mold a cup or a bowl. It was very difficult to get the movements down but very rewarding after finally making a cup. This class helped me with my creativity and allowed me to have a healthy outlet to stress. I enjoyed this class being a skill based class rather than a knowledge based class. This class made me appreciate artwork and the time and effort put into creating certain pieces. I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it to other students.