SPAN 320

The following artifact summarizes some key concepts I learned in this class. This artifact is my final essay for the class which analyzes a film we watched for the class. This artifact is from when I took the class in the spring semester of 2020.

Reflection: This class was focused on methods of communication in Spanish. Throughout the class we studied plays, movies, songs, and stories in Spanish. Prior to this class, the last time I was in a Spanish class was two years ago. Upon entering this class, I was nervous I would not be successful due to a long period of not being in a Spanish class. However, I highly enjoyed this class and ended up being very successful. This class was focused on perfecting pronunciation, reading, writing, and analyzing films and stories. Some things that were challenging in this class were learning new grammar rules and finding the deeper meaning in some films or poems. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this class. This class only had ten people which only benefitted all of us. We were able to engage in discussions and receive more one on one assistance. This class helped me gain better pronunciation and knowledge on grammar.