SOCL 105

This artifact is my final essay for the class. The essay discusses some key points in the field of sociology.

Reflection: This class was an introduction to sociology. I took this class as an elective required for my criminal justice major. Prior to this class, I was not sure if I wanted to pursue a profession in sociology or criminology. This class helped me solidify that I want to pursue a career in criminology. This class was somewhat difficult for me because it was a lecture based class with minimal powerpoints. I took this class fall semester of my freshman year so I was still adapting to the fully lecture based college courses. I appreciated this format for the class so I could strengthen my note taking skills and learn how a lecture based college course works to be better prepared for the future. The material of this class was easy for me to comprehend because this is a similar field of interest for me. Overall, this was an enjoyable class that helped solidify my interests.