CTZN 110 (Honors Course)

The following artifact emphasizes some of the topics discussed in class. These were my final essays for the course about some of the concepts and films we watched in the class. I wrote these during the fall semester of 2019.

Reflection: This class examined the different aspects of a film and how to make connections using context clues. Throughout this class, I learned how use imminent critique to analyze a film. In the beginning of the course, I had a difficult time with analyzing films. In this class, we were trying to find the deeper meanings within the film and look at form throughout the film such as color, sound, and lighting to discover the message the director was trying to portray. Initially, using context clues to find a deeper meaning in films was challenging for me. I am usually much better at the factual and data based information. I appreciated the opportunity to develop my critical thinking skills and was able to succeed in this class. Although this class was challenging for me, I appreciated the challenge and the opportunity to gain a stronger set of skills by the end of the class. This class also required presentations. I normally do not like public speaking and often get nervous beforehand. This class allowed me to get more comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd. Overall, this class was challenging yet rewarding.