Letter to Senior Self

Dear future me,

I hope you are doing well and ready to graduate and move on to the real world. I know health and fitness is a passion of yours and I hope you kept up with it. I hope you are in a good place mentally and physically and happy with where you are in life. I hope you are ready for this next phase of your life and where life decides to take you.

Although I admire your drive in your academics, I hope this is not all you focused on in your time at Longwood. I hope you found those lifelong friendships, that group that you truly connect with and will keep up with. I also hope you continued to keep up with your close friends from high school. Get involved with the Longwood Community as much as you can! I hope you took advantage of your time at Longwood and made as many memories as possible and participated in new and fun experiences.

I know you have always wanted to be a helper in your community. I hope you engaged in community service and helped out the community around Longwood. Making a difference in the world starts in our communities, and it’s important you continue to help your community as you go on with your life.

As a college graduate, I hope you either have a career lined up or are ready to earn that Master’s Degree. I know criminology and psychology has always been your passion and I hope you have a career lined up. You better have kept that GPA up, I worked hard for that 3.7 freshman year so don’t let me down! I hope you got that internship with the FBI as it’s been a huge goal of yours for a couple years.I have always admired your work ethic and academic perseverance and believe you will do great things in your future. I believe in you and hope you take advantage of every opportunity thrown your way. Make the most of your college experience and gain as much work experience possible throughout your four years at Longwood University.

With love,

Freshman you