FLE Project Reflection

Through this project, I learned how prevalent intimate partner violence is in relationships. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men will experience some type of intimate partner violence in their lifetime. 1 in 5 victims of homicide are killed by a partner. This statistic really spoke to the intensity and seriousness of intimate partner violence. Common misconceptions are that it won’t get worse, the person can change, or it might get better. This statistic shows how serious this issue is and that in many cases it does get worse and could lead to death. I had a great understanding of intimate partner violence because it was covered in class. I was able to build upon this knowledge with my research for this project. This previous knowledge made the project easier because I knew what information was important and what should be included.

I think my design could have been more colorful or appearing. I kept it simple with black and white and used red to grab the attention of viewers. I wanted to keep it simple with the black and white to show that the topic is serious, rather than creating a colorful infographic and taking away from the serious look and feel of the topic. However, more colorful and appealing infographics could be easier for the reader to digest. I think I also could have broken up the information better. I feel like I packed a large amount of information into the infographic. I wanted to include as much information as possible but feel as though it could have been too much information packed in. It could overwhelm the reader and be hard for the reader to want to read the entire infographic and remember all the information.

For this project, I created an infographic for the first time. I think this is a great skill to learn especially for the workforce and with our society moving entirely to digital platforms. I strengthened my research skills by finding credible sources to support the information on my infographic. I learned how to condense information and focus on the most important and relevant information. It is important in a graduate school setting to be able to focus on what information is the most relevant and to include that information in the product.