Protecting Life on Earth

This course was taken over the Summer of 2020, while I was balancing a new job and adjusting to the Covid-19 regulations. I was not prepared for an asynchronous course and definitely would have struggled more if I did not enjoy the subject. I had always been interested in environmental science, specifically the conservation aspect of the study. There were many discussion boards and quizzes for every chapter and a few essays. Dr. Henk was engaged in our work and gave me feedback that I believe truly improved my scientific writing.

I felt reinforced in my belief of the need to conservation, and that I am doing my part in trying to conserve but also have played a part in the destruction of the planet. 

Below, is my General Audience Paper in which I discussed the conservation problem of chimps in a way that can engage with the everyday reader. This essay reinforced my scientific writing skills, as well as branched out my research skills.

General Audience Paper