English 210

In this course we explored digital writing and the forms of writing. We did three main projects that cumulate into our final. This class was fun with Dr. Lettner-Rust being an amazing professor. I struggled with the first project, a remediation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter from Birmingham jail. It only fueled my determination to do better on the second project which was a Literacy Narrative. I may have been extremely stressed about the project but I did much better this time. The third and final project was extremely confusing at first, but once I opened Avis Kemp’s scrapbook from 1911 I was all for the project.

Here is the link the all the work I did for the class,

English 210 Portfolio Google Drive Folder

Victims of a Broken Promise:

The first project I did was titled Victims of a Broken Promise (document can be found in the google drive linked). I attempt to use multiple modes, visual and linguistic, to demonstrate that even in the most fleeting forms of social media, an instagram story, Martin Luther King Jr’s words were impactful.

Emotional Influence:

In this project I wanted to convey a personal side of me. I wanted any mask that appears in most of my academic writing to disappear and give the audience a personal and emotional look into me. Seeing me create clay figures that align with each story I tell, I strive to keep an engaged audience with the ability of telling how my writing has been influenced.

Turn of  the Century Sass Master:

Looking into the scrapbooks from 1911, it felt like a glimpse into the past. With this idea, I wanted to place the audience in 1911. Creating my own version of Avis Kemp’s scrapbook and recreating the voices of those women, I wanted to give the audience perspective of what it is like to be a student at the State Normal School and at Longwood.