Citizen 110

Citizen 110 is a required course for every student at Longwood. Most are generic classes that I have heard many of my peers feel bored during. In Spaces for Seeing, I had the complete opposite experience. I began to learn how to view the world through art. We didn’t just look at art and photography, but created art. I thrived in a creative classroom even when there were frustratingly vague and general prompts. I’ve grown as a person through the class, as well as I am beginning to grow and find my voice in society to speak up about issues that I have a stance in.

My favorite assignment was to use image and text, linked is that assignment. It is a set of five images, all with french text on them. My artist statement is also attached in this google drive. I based my project on my question of “What does society owe women who have been sexually assaulted?”

Les Femmes