Honors Special Topic: Critical Looking

This course was one of my favorites. It actually is the reason why I realized I wanted to minor in art. We looked at different themes and areas of art, and just looked first. We described what we saw in each others images and those of others. What is there? What isn’t there? We had discussions and bonded through different ideas and experiences. I enjoyed the section where we looked at impression and trace and visited the Taubman Museum and heard Ray Kass speak. It was not just the museum I enjoyed, but the ability to bond with Professor Grabiec and my fellow classmates. We created memories and bonds while learning.

Below are pictures of the final product for impression and trace. This was a project I put hours in. All we were told was to draw an image on plexiglass and enlarge it. I drew two shapes, a face with a flower, and a hand with three flowers. I used a projector from the library and traced the image onto cotton. I then spent over 10 hours embroidering the designs. These two pieces of art are now in the care of a good friend.