Letter to My Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,

Life is wild and I never expected to be here in the first place. I can’t imagine where you are now. Freshman year has been a crazy ride, from moving away from home, to moving back early because of Covid-19. I hope for a few things for you and have questions.

How was France? Was it everything I’ve imagined? Did you finally stop caring about what everyone else thought? Do you finally feel like you belong with a group of people? I really hope you do. What are your new experiences? What is your favorite band?

Most of all, are you happy? I don’t care if you’re not a teacher, or if you decided to go an entirely different path, as long as you’re happy. You’ve made it through so much already, give yourself a rest. Do what makes you happy and brings a smile to your face.

Be strong, be brave, and most of all, be kind.

Love, You from your freshman year.