Math 135

Going into college, I knew that a math class would be my weakness. I was afraid enough that I was trying to think of taking something, anything, to avoid math. I knew it couldn’t be avoided forever. I worked extremely hard in this class, especially when classes moved online due to COVID-19. I spent hours upon hours studying with classmates and figuring out my own way of understanding challenging material. In turn, I was able to help my classmates and earn a grade that I am proud of. This course reviewed many things I learned in my junior year of high school. I was able to learn more concepts in greater detail than I did at age sixteen. I appreciated this class even though I was terrified to take it. I am proud of the hard work I placed into the course.

Below is the second written assignment I wrote. Writing essays is not something I look forward to. I adore projects and applying new concepts and ideas. This written assignment also was on a topic that we covered during our shift to online learning and I was unsure of how well I mastered the material.