3.5-Perform Competently

Students will be able to perform competently in a professional setting.

During my time at Longwood I have had the chance to participate in two internships. During one internship, I got to work alongside an athletic trainer while she worked with the women’s basketball team here at Longwood. From this first internship, I have learned what goes into being an athletic trainer and what their job consists of. It was such a fun and informative experience that I got to be a part of. During my second internship, I worked in the Longwood Herbarium, this internship consisted mostly of moving the herbarium from one location to another location with careful procedures. From both of these internships I have learned to work professionally in my field of study, both from completely different disciplines and I had a great experience. At the end of each internship I had to write a reflection of what I learned and how it can help me in the future, those are attached below. (The second internship reflection hasn’t been completed yet but when it is I will attach it)

Athletic Trainer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t9zkI2jZotrb2xd5bTN4JrM180LNeAuy/view?usp=sharing