1.5-Physics & Chemistry

Students will be able to integrate physics and chemistry concepts into relevant biological contexts.

During my time at Longwood I took Biology 120, Integrative Biology and in this course, we had to conduct an experiment on the amount of phosphorus on plant development. We had to add different levels of nitrogen and phosphorus to plants to see which would have more of an effect on the growth of the plant. After conducting the experiment my partner and I had to plan out a presentation to show our findings and understandings of the experiment. This project helped me relate chemistry with biology by the addition of Nitrogen and Phosphorous to the plants to see which would affect them more.


Currently I am taking a Biomechanics course and in this course, each student has to give three presentations on a certain paper the professor chooses. My first presentation was on Scaling body support in mammals: Limb posture and muscle mechanics. Not only does this presentation help relate physics with biology but all the presentations I will have to do will. From this presentation, I learned about Muscle mechanical advantage and muscle stress and how the limb posture affects them. The physics behind the movements of the mammals is one big thing I learn from this class and I will hopefully learn more about it in the future.


I will have another artifact to add later on in the semester.