Students will be able to collaborate effectively in a group setting within the discipline.

During my time at Longwood I have had the chance to work with many different people in many different groups. Some of the courses I had the chance to do this in are: Biology 251: Intro to Ecology and Evolution, Biology 301: Comprehensive Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology 488: Senior Capstone.

In my Biology 251 course I was assigned with a group to come up with a project idea that pertained to ecology and evolution. I think this group project was my favorite from all the group projects I’ve had the chance to complete. From this project, I made some good friends and had the chance to complete a really cool project. Everyone in the group did their assigned work and we came up with a great presentation and paper at the end.


In my Biology 301 course I had another chance to work with people in a group setting. This project was also very fun and I learned a lot about working together to get things done on time when it was sometimes hard to meet. Myself and one of the other group members at the time were apart of sports teams so we weren’t always able to go to class but it all worked out in the end and we were able to communicate well even when we didn’t get to see each other.


In my Biology 488 course we are currently working on a group project to write a white paper to send to the Farmville town council on a Covid-19 issue. This group so far has been a good group and we have already gotten a lot of work done in the one week we’ve had. Once the assignment is complete I will add more information as well as the link to the paper.

Through these few assignments I have learned great group working skills and just learned to work with other people and communicate well. Working in a group isn’t always easy but from having to work in them you can learn a lot about yourself and your peers and it is helpful for future careers.