3.2-Communicate Orally

Students will be able to effectively communicate orally in multiple contexts within the discipline.

During my time, here at Longwood I have had the chance present several oral presentations form either a poster or PowerPoint slides. Some of the courses I have been able present orally throughout my career include: Biology 251: introduction into Ecology and Evolution, Biology: 305: General Microbiology, and Biology 473: Comprehensive Biomechanics.

Through my Biology 251 Course I had to create a presentation to represent my findings from my research project. The project topic was Sampling Lancer Park Big Pond The effects of Water Quality on Species Diversity. This presentation was from a PowerPoint and it was a group presentation, however this was one of my first ever presentations so it was new to me but very well done.


Through my biology 305 course I had to create an individual PowerPoint presentation on a certain bacterium and what diseases it can cause. My specific bacterium was on Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Through this presentation I learned to put together my own presentation and present it by myself to the class, it was a great learning experience.


Through my Biology 473 course each student has been assigned three different papers to discuss to the class during the class time. One of my papers was on the glide performance and aerodynamics of non-equilibrium glides in northern flying squirrels. This was one of the longest presentations I have been assigned and hardest because it is supposed to be done through the whole class period. I did have a partner to work on it with and present it with so that was helpful but I really enjoyed the experience and thought it was helpful to my oral presentation skills and development.


 Through all of these presentations I have learned several skills and each of them have helped with my development on oral presentations. I can use this skill in my future whether its in graduate school or in a future career/job.