2.1-Draw Conclusions

Students will be able to evaluate, interpret, and apply experimental design and draw valid conclusions from experiments.

During my time at Longwood, I have completed semester long projects in almost all of my courses. Throughout the process of conducting these projects, I have attained critical thinking skills as well as experimental skills that have been important throughout my undergraduate career. Some of the courses I have been able to showcase my skills are in Biology 251: Intro to Ecology and Evolution, Biology 301: Comprehensive Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology 473: Comparative Biomechanics.

In Biology 251, I had to conduct an experiment to test the effects of water quality on species diversity in the lancer park big pond. After the experiment was conducted and completed we had to analyze and interpret the data. This project was my first field work experiment at Longwood and it was a great learning experience. During the data analysis portion of the project I learned so much about putting together the data and created graphs. It was a great first experience to get me started in my undergraduate career and that I can grow from for the future.


In Biology 301, I also had to conduct a semester long group project that tested heart health and stress in college students. Coming from previous semester projects I used some of the skills I have previously used in projects. Specifically, in this project more data had to be analyzed once the experiment was conducted. I learned how to use Microsoft excel to run multiple T-tests to determine differences in blood pressure before and after taking a pop quiz. This project was such a great learning experience and helped me get a better understanding on analyzing data and running different tests on data to show our results.  


In Biology 473, we are also conducting a semester long project on how removing the legs of stink bugs affects its gait. We are still working on the experiment this semester and once it is finished I will post more about it.

I have learned so much from these courses alone and I am still learning so much from the courses I am currently in. I feel confident in my ability to evaluate, interpret, apply experimental design and draw conclusions from these experiments and the ones I am still conducting.