Students will be able to analyze critically and apply the major principles of organismal biology.

During my time at Longwood I took a Comprehensive Human Anatomy and Physiology course, I was very excited for this course because I love learning about human anatomy. This course was great because it really went in depth into each organ and organ system and their functions. While taking this class, we had to conduct a semester long research project, mine was on Heart Health and Stress in College Students. It was a quick experiment but the data analysis did take some time, my group and I had to run multiple T tests to determine the differences in blood pressure before and after taking a pop quiz. This project was a great learning experience and it was fun to conduct.


During my Junior year at Longwood I was able to take a Vertebrate morphology course which was also a very fun and interesting course. This course went in depth into vertebrates and comparing them to different animals in the world. During the course, I had to write a small paper on Hox genes and what they are. Through this little paper I was able to understand what goes into the evolution of vertebrates and it actually has helped me in future courses at Longwood.


Another course I have had the chance to take was Conservation Biology and in this course, I had to create a presentation on CITES. CITES is a treaty to protect endangered plants and animals, for the presentation I had to pick a specific group of animals. I chose to present about reptiles that are under CITES. Through this assignment I learned so much about reptiles who need help and how important they are for us humans and the Earth.