1.6-Issues in Society

Students will be able to apply knowledge of biology to one or more contemporary issues in society.

During a lot of courses at Longwood, that I have taken, I had to apply my biology knowledge to current issues in Society. One course specifically that talked a lot about issues in society was Conservation Biology. Specifically, in this course I had to write a review paper on the threats to pollinators. This paper specifically talks about how pollinators are being affected daily and what those impacts are causing for the human race as well. I don’t think people realize the importance of wildlife Conservation and through this course I really got a good understanding of how it can affect everyone and everything on Earth.


During my time at Longwood I had to take a Sophomore Seminar course and in this course, we had to present a topic that was relevant to issues in today’s society. The topic I chose was the Effects of Wildfires on aquatic Ecosystems. From this presentation also came a literature review that we did in class on the same topic. I learned a lot of helpful things from this class just from the literature review and the presentation. I learned to make a 7-page literature review into a short presentation which was helpful down the road with more courses.