1.3-Ecology & Evolution

Students will be able to analyze critically and apply the major principles of ecology and evolution.

Coming into Longwood I thought I wouldn’t be too interested in Ecology and Evolution courses because I have always wanted a career in the Healthcare field. After my first course in intro to Ecology and evolution I was wrong, this course was a lot of fun and the semester long project was so intriguing. My group and I conducted our project on Sampling Lancer Park Big Pond the Effects of Water Quality on the Species Diversity. This project was my first field experiment here at Longwood and it got me so interested in Ecology and Evolution. I learned so many great techniques from each step we took in the methods, we collected our data from the daily Dipnets we did and traps that we set and from there we analyzed the data.


Further down in my time at Longwood I was able to take a Biology 330, Conservation Biology class which was also such a great experience. During this course, I had to conduct multiple PowerPoint presentations, one in particular was on the St. Croix Ground Lizard. This presentation was on the threats to the lizard and what conservation plans were in act to help this lizard. Throughout this course I learned so many new things about Conservation and its importance to the Earth. Another assignment I had to do was write a review paper on Threats to Pollinators. This paper went into detail about the importance of pollinators for humans and the dangers they are going through currently and why conserving them is important. This course was such a great course for me through all the assignments and discussions we did in this class I learned so much.