1.1-Major Principles

Students will be able to identify and describe the major principles of biology.

One of the very important principles in Biology is ecology/evolution. During my undergraduate career at Longwood University, I tool an Introduction to Ecology and Evolution course. In this course, I had a semester long project with a group on The Effects of Water Quality on Species Diversity, this project occurred in Longwood’s Big Pond in Lancer Park. From this project the group and I wrote a scientific research paper to show off the whole project and our understanding of the results. BIO 251


Another big principle in Biology is genetics/cell Bio, during my career at Longwood I have also completed a course in genetics/cell bio and in this course, I completed another project. This project had to do with Isolation of yeast on green apples, and once the project was completed we wrote a scientific research paper to show the project and the understanding of the results. BIO 250


One more principle of Biology I learned from Microbiology. I was able to research Mycoplasma pneumoniae and learn more about this bacterium and all bacteria and how they affect humans and our daily lives especially when we get sick. BIO 305