3.1-Write Effectively

Students will be able to write effectively in multiple contexts within the discipline.

During my time, here at Longwood I have had many writing assignments in each and every one of my Biology courses. Through this courses I have either had to write a literature review, general audience paper, or a big lab report to show my ability to write in different scenarios. A few of the courses I have had to write in include: Biology 288: Sophomore Seminar, Biology 305: General Microbiology, and Biology 342: Biogeography.

In my Biology 288 course I was tasked with writing a general audience paper on a current issue. My topic was on Wildfires and their effects on aquatic ecosystems. Throughout this process I had to learn how to write in a way that a general audience could understand the issue I was talking about. I had to conduct literature searches to find the information I needed to support my issue. From this literature, I could write about my issue but I had to be able to turn the scientific literature into an understandable writing that a general audience could understand. I learned a lot from this first assignment and it really helped me further on in my undergraduate career.


In my Biology 305 course I had to conduct a group research project and at the end of the project we had to write a full lab report on our experiment. The topic of this lab report was investigating osmotic effects of honey and sugar solution on bacteria. Through this lab report I learned how to conduct literature searches and write in a scientific manner that someone could later use as a reference or conduct further research on. This assignment was one of many lab reports I got to write during my undergraduate time at Longwood.


In my Biology 342 Course I have been assigned to write a literature review from a biogeography aspect. The topic I chose for this paper was conservation strategies for sea turtles. From this paper, I will learn to review literature and share my ideas and strategies to help sea turtles. This paper isn’t finished yet but once it is I will add more information as well as a link to the paper.

From these three-different writing styles I have learned to write effectively in multiple contexts within the biology discipline. I plan to use these examples and opportunities in my future.