Jacqueline Secoy published a paper on musician identity development in elementary education majors using ukuleles and YouTube

Dr. Jacqueline (“Jackie”) Secoy, Assistant Professor of Music Education in the Department of Music, is the co-author of a recently published article titled “Exploring the Music Identity Development of Elementary Education Majors Using Ukulele and YouTube” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Music Teacher Education.  The article can be viewed online through this link: https://doi.org/10.1177/1057083719871026

The article explores how to better understand how elementary education majors who take a music course where they are learning to play the ukulele and creating YouTube videos of their playing and singing influences their music identity.  We found that students’ early life experiences informed how they viewed their musician identity in the past and at the beginning of the course, while in-class experiences contributed to higher levels of music participation and confidence.  The study has implications for how music teachers might use ukulele and YouTube to promote individual expression, accountability, self-directed learning, and culturally responsive teaching.

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