Dr. Elif Guler to speak at the American Society for the History of Rhetoric

Dr. Elif Guler has been invited to present her study, “A Framework for Examining Non-Western Discursive Practices and Extracting Rhetorical Insights from The Turkish Rhetorical Tradition,” at the 2018 American Society for the History of Rhetoric Symposium on “Diversity and Rhetorical Traditions,” to be held in Minneapolis, MN. ASHR has selected 16 out of 65 submissions to feature on its competitive program for the symposium.

Dr. Guler’s presentation will focus on her co-authored book-length project on Turkish Rhetorical Tradition, which aims to further the efforts to examine rhetorical traditions of non-Western cultures by focusing on the conditions for which rhetoric was produced and practiced by Turks—a group whose social, cultural, and political presence in the world history spans centuries from their pre-Islamic origins in central Asia (the 6th century AD) to the foundation of the modern Turkish Republic (1923). Against the backdrop of this multifaceted history, Turkish rhetoric flourished and became an important aspect of Turkish intellectual and political life.

The American Society for the History of Rhetoric was organized, in 1977, as the American Branch of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric. Its mission is to promote the study of the theory and practice of rhetoric in all periods and languages and its relationship to poetics, politics, religion, law, and other cultural influences.

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