Longwood Chemistry Presents Five Posters at ACS Undergraduate Poster Session

Three Longwood Chemistry Faculty, Dr. Sarah Porter, Dr. Ben Topham, and Dr. Andrew Yeagley, traveled to Charlottesville on Friday with seven students and five posters to present at the 2016 American Chemical Society Undergraduate Poster Session. The poster session is hosted by the local Virginia Section of the ACS and is an annual event at the University of Virginia.


LU chemistry represented well at the poster session. From L-R back row: Kaelyn Jefferson (PRISM 2016), Hailey Kintz (2015 PRISM student and undergraduate researcher 2015-16), Dr. Andrew Yeagley, Sam King (2016 Outstanding Senior in Chemistry, 2015-16 undergraduate researcher, Blackwell Scholar),  James Wrigglesworth (2015-16 undergraduate researcher), and Dr. Ben Topham.  From L-R front row: Dr. Sarah Porter, Olivia Colella (2016 Outstanding Senior in Biology, 2015-16 undergraduate researcher), Tanya Roach (2015-16 undergraduate researcher), Shelby Furman (2015-16 undergraduate researcher, PRISM 2015), and Bridget Bergquist (PRISM 2016).

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  1. Congratulations to the chemistry faculty and students for your hard work and success!

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