International Symposium, European Association for Research on Adolescence, Chris Bjornsen

Chris Bjornsen, Department of Psychology, will Chair a Symposium at the 2016 meeting of the European Association for Research on Adolescence in La Barrosa, Spain. The Symposium is titled “Individuation in Emerging Adulthood and Its Relation to Happiness, Family Structure, Attachment Styles, and Addiction to Mobile Phone and Social Media Use.” Papers in the Symposium will be presented by Chris Bjornsen and colleagues from Slovenia and Turkey. All papers report the use of a measure of Individuation created by Chris’ colleagues in Slovenia and translated to English by Chris and others. (This is the same measure that Chris received the gracious help recently of two Longwood faculty members (Annette Waggoner and Laura Sanchez) and two Longwood students (Mikayla Faughnan and Natalia Irvan) translating the measure to Spanish.)

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