Christopher Gulgas

Christopher Gulgas presented a talk on Oct. 27, 2011 entitled “Terbium (III) chelates respond to capsaicinoids in water through luminescence enhancement: Understanding the mechanism” at the 63rd Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Richmond, VA.  Four of his Longwood undergraduate research students presented a total of 2 posters at the undergraduate poster session of this meeting as well, highlighting the results of their work this semester. 

Christopher has also recently submitted a proposal (11/14/2011) for the Cottrell College Scholar Award  to Research Corporation for the Advancement of Science to secure funds for summer research with undergraduates over the next two summers.  The proposal is entitled “Development of luminescent lanthanide-based molecular sensors for the detection and quantification of capsaicinoids” and aims to create a new method for determining the heat level of various hot sauces using luminescence spectroscopy.

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