Jennifer Capaldo

Jennifer Capaldo has the following forthcoming national presentations. “Angel of the Amazon: Social Consciousness and Activism in Modern American Opera” will be co-presented with pianist/composer Evan Mack (Skidmore College) at the College Music Society’s National Conference on Friday, October 21, 2011. Our focus will be on discussion of Sister Dorothy Stang, the subject of the opera Angel of the Amazon, and performance of Three Reflections of Sister Dorothy. Furthermore, we will explore the themes of activism and social consciousness in opera, and Modern American Verismo, a phrase that has been used to describe Mack’s opera.

At the same conference, Jennifer is performing a recital with pianist Emily Yap Chua (Randolph College) and mandolinist Neil Gladd (free-lance performer/composer) the following day featuring some of the dramatic vocal works of Elizabeth Vercoe: Herstory IV, Irreveries from Sappho (Andromeda Rag, Older Woman Blues, and Boogie for Leda), and excerpts from Herstory III: Jehanne de Lorraine. Vercoe will be present at the conference for the performance and there to field questions post-performance.

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