The pillar of service represents the hopes that the students of honors will make effort to become involved in helping the outside community. In my time as an honor student I have been exposed to many opportunities to participate in community service, and I also make an effort to participate in such activities around campus when possible.

For example, I was able to attend the Spring Service Retreat with the Honors Student Association in the pasts semester. On this trip, not only was I able to bond with my peers, but I was able to do it while cleaning up the waters around Hull Springs, and helping clean and mulch a new play-area for kids at the Westmoreland State Park. Not only this, but the HSA also provided many opportunities to serve our community through organized trips to the local SPCA, and weekly trips to the local food bank, FACES. Even outside of Honors, I try to participate in community service through helping with CVW, Clean Virginia’s Waterways.

While to some community service might seem like a chore, being in Honors has only made me realize how going into the community and helping others is important, and helps me grow as a better person that is more aware of my community and those that are in need, as well.

Spring Service RetreatIMG_3228