Goal 11: PHED 101, Fitness Concepts

As I began to schedule my second semester classes as a freshman, I was constantly being told how easy taking PHED would be , and that there was “no work at all”. However, I found this to be untrue. While not extremely hard or taxing, we had weekly in-class meetings, and online quizzes and online activities during the rest if the week, along with bimonthly Fitbit statistic check-ins. It wasn’t a lot of work, but I found myself enjoying the class, and feeling better educated as result of it.

Prior to this class, I had been heavily completely on academics, and to top it all off, I hadn’t been in a physical education class since my sophomore year of high school. This class provided a good refresher course on my perspective of my physical and even mental health. As I went through the modules, attended the weekly workouts, and became much more dedicated to my personal health through becoming more active, especially as I became more aware of my fitness and activity levels recorded by my Fitbit.

Below, I have provided my chosen article, which is one of my logs for my Fitbit statistics. As shown in the log, I reached my weekly goal of hitting 70,000 per week, or 10,000 steps per day, which signifies and person being sufficiently active. Prior tot his class, I had never realized how lazy was being; I was taking the elevator when I was going to classes, and staying in my dorm room a lot during the first semester. With my Fitbit, I was able to see this and quickly began to change my activity level, Where I had previously been taking the elevator, I took the stairs (even to the top floor of Granger at 8 in the morning), and I make sure to take a longer route when going places around campus for more exercise. I have even taken a part in forming a racquetball group among some of the Honors students as a way to get more active in an enjoyable way.

Though this class has concluded, I plan to continue a higher level of fitness, through sports, dance, jogging, and of course, the stairs. but along with becoming more aware of my physical fitness needs, this class also taught me better ways to relieve stress, for which I am very grateful.