Exploring Science in Our World, GNED 261-50

Science has always been one of my favorite subjects, no matter of it is chemistry or environmental sciences. In fact, in high school I took two science classes in both of my junior and senior year. This class only served to further my love and fascination for the subject, especially having been under the teaching of Dr. Fink.

In this class I got to focus on one of my big interests- environmental issues. We focused on water pollution and treatment, as well as ecosystems and the way in which species interact. And we focused on certain species that are important to the Chesapeake Bay and our economy, such as the oysters or menhaden.

To me, when I think about honors it’s not about having insane amounts of work; it’s about the type of work you do and how you learn it, which this class is a great example of. For instance, we were told to write another chapter of a book but with full creative license to do it; all we had to do was to try to embody the same writing style as the author. Doing this I learned the content better as I pulled the most important information from our books.

What truly made this honors course perfect was our trip to Hull Springs and the City as Text trip into the Chesapeake Bay-side town of Irvington, Va, where we saw firsthand the human effects on the Bay and species such as the oysters and Menhaden, “the most important fish in the sea”. As a result of this class, I am only more aware of the environment and the world around me.

GNED 261-50 at Hull Springs

Our Class on the dock at Hull Springs