Goal 8: American Government and Poltics (POSC 150)

I have enjoyed classes related to history and politics as long as I can remember, and this class was no different. Of course we went over the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the branches of the government, and the electoral process. The part if this class that I really enjoyed and taught me a skill that I will take with me to future classes is our unit on debate.

When given our topic of whether or not the Supreme Court Justices can use their own opinions when judging a case , my team and I thoroughly researched our main points and looked into anything that could be refuted by the opposing team. This helped me learn to stand up for my opinions with research that would help me make a sound and complete argument.

An artifact that I have to reflect on from this class is a book review on E.E. Schattschneider’s The Semisovereign People, in which we had to summarize the book within 2 pages and then choose some of the author’s main points to either support to refute with current world evidence. Doing this wasn’t all that hard. Once I read the book, which I had actually found to be very interesting, I found it quite easy to pick what parts to critique. Also, while I initially had trouble finding any sources to agree with my own opinions, I quickly found sources to refute them with through using the Longwood database. In the end, the only thing that I found trouble with was making my summary concise enough that I didn’t leave anything out, but also didn’t say too much, which is a lesson that I have had in other classes as well. Now, I know how much time I will moist likely need in the future for similar assignments, and now I know more on writing book reviews, which I had never needed to do before.  I will take the experience of this assignment with me for future purposes, and I have grown as a better write because of it.