Goal 2: ENGL 150 , Writing and Research

 As a first-year student at Longwood, I had yet to have any courses that focused on improving and learning proper writing techniques. Prior to taking this class, I pulled from what I learned during high school to write my assignments with correct formatting and proper usage of grammar and syntax. However, this class as brought to my attention of what little awareness I had for adhering to formatting, as appropriate use of tones, as well as techniques to use as an effective writer when it comes to using quotations. Before, I had become accustomed to being given a prompt that had to be followed exactly, whereas this course has given me the freedom to choose my own interests while still following specific guidelines. As a result of this course, I have become a much more effective writer, as I have developed a clearer understanding of writing with a specific purpose and tone to an audience, how to follow and adjust to formatting for the paper and citations, and I am more aware of how to improve my writing through various revision strategies, although I still have a lot more developing to do.

In class, to learn how different writing formats and audiences effect the tone and style in which you write, we were made to write book summaries, personal responses, a literary analysis, a Goodwill letter to a business of choice, and two research based papers.

To show an example of my work in class, the artifact that I am reflecting on is my 8-10 paged research paper, in which we were required to used scholarly articles as sources to use as I write to persuade and inform my audience to join the Longwood Company of Belly dance, one of my current passions. To me, this paper was tough. While I thought I had enough information and organization, I learned an important lesson; revision and writing is never done, and changes can always be made. My writing has greatly improved in all of my classes because of this course.