Longwood Seminar, LSEM 100-51

As all freshmen come to Longwood, we are all required to take this course during our first semester. To me, this course was important and very eye opening. It taught me about Longwood, when it started, the history of our school, and gave me a deeper look a traditions that we as students of Longwood should try to cherish and uphold- like stepping on the Princeps crowns for luck, and avoiding the rotundas. But what I found most important as the course progressed were the lessons learned through journal assigned each week. They let me learn more about my habits and how I was as a student, and details related to my major such as the ways in which special needs teacher conduct research studies.

As an honors LSEM course this class also served a place to get to know some of my fellow honors classmates while also allowing me to begin to follow the pillar of service. Together as a group we organized a service project so that we could collect supplies and then make t-shirt dog toys that we then delivered to the local SPCA.

Because of this course I only came to know and love Longwood as my home even more. While I may have been with others from all differing majors within my LSEM and was originally worried about being separated from those of my major and missing out on any important information, I was fine, and  I wouldn’t have had any other way.


LSEM-52 during New Lancer Days Fall, 2016