Goal 5: MATH 121, Functions and Graphs

As a part of the General Education Course goals, as well as for my Liberal Studies, Special Education major, I am required to take a total of four math classes. Given that I have previously taken a statistics class, I chose this course hoping that my past proficient ability in algebra would get me through. Signing up for this math class still worried me. Math  has neither been my strong suit,  nor a big interest of mine; I also was went with the motions and sometimes would struggle with a concept before finally caving and getting a tutor for an explanation.

However, Dr. Abrams made this class interesting. Instead of just throwing notes up on the board to copy, and then giving us a worksheet or questions to do out of a workbook, he made his own questions, and only used the textbook as reference. He used real-world examples for us to relate to, like using environmental terms (one of my big interests), such as trying to find the amount of time in which a population of ocelots will reach carrying capacity, or using a student in an example. He was completely attentive to the students, making sure we all understood, answering all questions, yet still having us all work the questions out.

The assignment that I have reflected on is the ‘Real Life Variable Project’, in which we were to write an essay that would involve our choice of scenario, but we would have to analyze and calculate the variable involved in the hypothesis. I thoroughly enjoyed this, since using variables that mattered to me led me to understand the content better, especially since they were more memorable. As a future educator, I hope to teach in a way very similar to Dr. Abrams: attentive, caring, approachable when there is a problem, and very easy to follow as a teacher when it came to learning the math.